David Giffin
  • Summer Intern Program: A Cornerstone Strategy At TrueCar, we have always said that people are our most important technology and our most valuable asset. In keeping with this principle, this past summer, we launched our first, large-scale summer internship program.  As with all things TrueCar, our approach was bold and broad. It was our goal to not just create an average... David Giffin 5 min read September 30, 2015
  • Hadoop Summit Talk: Russell Foltz-Smith Check out this fabulous talk by our own Russell Foltz-Smith at the Hadoop Summit: TrueCar – The Intelligent Data Platform for the Automotive Industry David Giffin 0 min read June 15, 2015
  • Our Approach to Data Our Approach to Data TrueCar, at its core, is a data company. Every product we deliver, every interaction with every customer, every business process we operate… it is all is based on, driven by, and generates data.  We have a very simple philosophy: more data = more transparency = more value. All of our applications... David Giffin 4 min read June 2, 2015