Justin Slaten
  • MLeap: Quickly Release Spark ML Pipelines MLeap: Release Spark ML Pipelines MLeap allows you to quickly deploy your Spark-trained ML pipelines to production. Learn how to go from a raw Avro file to serving a random forest price-prediction model from a JSON API server in just a few minutes. For instance, if you work at a company that uses machine learning,... Justin Slaten 6 min read March 21, 2016
  • TrueVision, The Intern Story This past summer, TrueCar undertook a bold experiment. We brought in around 40 bright, motivated interns from top California universities and let them loose on our data and codebases. The hypothesis was that, given unfettered access, a dedicated group of interns could build the foundation for new products at TrueCar. The experiment worked. I was... Justin Slaten 4 min read October 6, 2015
  • Beyond The Checkbox: TrueCar Security Truth and transparency are two things that we take very seriously here at TrueCar. In many organizations, these principles may seem unrelated to security initiatives. However, we see security as a company-wide effort that requires both of those principles to be effective. Along with constantly working to expand our programs, we are always thinking of... Justin Slaten 5 min read June 20, 2015
  • Enable ProGuard for Android Project Android 65k So what is the Android 65k problem exactly? Davlik is the runtime of Android. Its instruction set has a variable called method reference index. It defines the maximum methods you can invoke. Unfortunately, the size of that variable hasn’t changed since the birth of Android, and it’s a 16 bit integer, 65536. Lately, we have... Justin Slaten 5 min read March 24, 2014